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The ninety-plus members of ASB come from all walks of life and unite in a common passion for making music. Our volunteer musicians meet weekly to rehearse and perform 3 indoor concerts and 4 outdoor concerts each year.



Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the John B. Connally High School Band Hall.

The band hall is located at the back (northwest) corner of the building. Parking is available in the lot to the southwest. Guests are welcome to bring their instruments and sit in with the band!

ASB's policy is that guests are welcome to sit in on any rehearsal, except the two weeks immediately preceding a concert. Our upcoming events are listed here.

Click on the map for the address and directions.

Prospective members, please note: Most sections are full. You are still invited to attend a rehearsal because we'd like to meet you!

REGISTER AS A Guest Musician

Fill out your information below to be added to our guest and prospective member's list and be considered for future vacancies. Many sections are full but we do keep a list for consideration for future membership or substitutions.

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Member Policies & Dues

ASB's season runs from late August to July 4th and includes 3 indoor season concerts, and 4-5 outdoor concerts: Fall Concert, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July.

All members will be assessed annual dues of $75 per season. Members joining after January 1st will pay half dues. Members who are delinquent paying dues are prohibited from playing at concerts.

Members of the band are expected to make reasonable efforts to attend as many rehearsals as possible. When a player knows they will not be able to attend a rehearsal, they should notify their section leader. Multiple unexcused absences may result in membership termination. A musician who misses both of the normal rehearsals directly before a concert cannot perform in the concert without the express approval, in advance, of the music director.

Please review the ASB Member Handbook for more information.

Hire asb to perform

The ninety-plus members of the Austin Symphonic Band are occasionally available for additional performances including small ensembles, patriotic concerts, commercial and private recordings, educational outreach and more. If you would like more information about the technical requirements and availability of ASB for performances please contact us.